JLL Internal DEI

A centralized source of communications & resources for JLL employees to understand their DEl strategy.

3 months
UX Design, UI Design
Figma, Miro

The Problem

There was a lack of a comprehensive and easily accessible resource hub, hindering employees from fully grasping the DEl strategy and inhibiting the effective integration of DEl principles into the company's operations.

The Solution

The new resource hub will offer diverse content, interactive training modules, and clear communication of the company's DEl strategy. Regular updates, leadership commitment, and tracking progress will ensure the successful implementation of DEl practices.

Interface Inspiration

While looking for Interface Inspiration, my primary objective was to explore novel and innovative approaches to showcase diversity. This involved diving into a variety of design elements, styles, and layouts that transcend traditional representations, seeking out unique perspectives that authentically capture the richness of diversity.


Competitive Analysis

I analyzed Apple, AT&T, Adobe, and Cooly L P for opportunities. Apple showcased employees utilizing a grid of headshots and spotlighting individual employees. AT&T emphasized diverse communities within their organization. Adobe used large, bold, and informative images focusing on people. Cooley L. P. took advantage of what their employees were saying and used quotes. I took inspiration and incorporated a mixture of these elements into the final design.


Site Map

The site map provided a visual representation of the website's structure. After organizing general requirements, there were 4 main pages to focus on. Keeping the pages organized under the site map allowed for easy reference on what information should go on which page.




High Fidelity - Home

JLL wanted their employees to feel represented in this website so the hero section on the home page showcases a variety of people with different backgrounds. Under the fold, a call to action is shown to share a story with the DEI team. This feature aims to emphasize people’s voices.


High Fidelity - Updates

The company had regular updates for JLL employees regarding their DEI initiatives. To make it easier to find specific information, filters are utilized on the left.


High Fidelity - Calendar

The calendar has a more unique layout than the traditional calendar made up of blocks. This decision was made so each event could provide the user with detailed information. There is also the option to download the calendar and integrate it into a calendar of choice such as google calendar.


High Fidelity - Resource Center

The resource center provides employees with a variety of educational materials such as books, podcasts, webinars, or e-learning courses. These resources are also filterable for easy finding.