An innovative application that enables users to monitor and comprehend their overall health status. With HealthHub, users can make informed decisions about their lifestyle and take proactive steps to improve their well-being.

2 months
UX Design, UI Design

The Problem

There’s a significant challenge for individuals to effectively monitor and comprehend their overall health status. Existing solutions lack user-friendly features, leading to limited insights into their well-being and making it difficult for users to make informed decisions about their health.

The Solution

The goal is to empower users to easily track, analyze, and interpret their health data by providing all information in one interface.

Site Map

The site map facilitated a clear understanding of the navigation hierarchy. The 7 tabs featured on the dashboard not only ensured an organized layout but also provided users with quick access to pertinent and well-structured content.



Two main personas were kept in mind throughout the entire process. Both of these personas had the goal of being aware of their health condition and status.




High Fidelity - Home

The home dashboard is a high level overview of the entire app. Users can check their home dashboard to do any quick actions such as scheduling an appointment or requesting a prescription refill. They can also see stats, upcoming appointments, and any messages from their care providers.


High Fidelity - Test Results

Test results from different providers are all shown in the same table. The patient can click into an individual test and view the results.


High Fidelity - Medications

With active medications being such an important factor to patients, the medications dashboard page shows their current/active medications at the top allowing easy steps to refill.


High Fidelity - Appointments

Upcoming and previous appointments are shown to easily monitor. There is also a call to action to schedule an appointment.