Compucom Marketplace

A comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows clients to conveniently order a wide range of items such as new devices, software, or even office accessories.

3 months
UX Design, UI Design
Adobe XD & Illustrator

The Problem

Existing solutions lack integration and centralization, leading to disjointed experiences and unnecessary complexities for clients attempting to create effective work setups.

The Solution

By providing a centralized solution, Marketplace offers clients a convenient one-stop-shop to fulfill all their requirements for an effective work setup.

Interface Inspiration

I gathered Interface Inspiration with the goal of finding new and innovative e-commerce designs. I focused on layouts, product listings, and variations of displaying information. One aspect that stood out during my research was minimalist design. Many e-commerce platforms are embracing clean and clutter-free layouts, prioritizing simplicity and ease of navigation. This trend not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also streamlines the user journey, allowing for a more intuitive and efficient shopping experience.


Competitive Analysis

Analyzing initiatives from various companies, I identified 10 opportunities, with a particular focus on five of them. Notably, Apple employs bold typography and prominent product call-outs, enabling effective showcasing. They also facilitate product comparisons, enhancing customer decision-making. Best Buy addresses information overload through accordions and categorized content. Adobe stands out with a clear vision, explicitly stating their mission and goals. Shopcart excels in providing an intuitive filtering system, streamlining the user experience.



Throughout the design process, two primary personas were kept at the front of my mind. The first persona is a professional aiming to enhance productivity and achieve exceptional output quality through an advanced device. This user seeks a tool that aligns with their specialized needs, emphasizing efficiency and high-performance capabilities. The second persona is a manager responsible for ordering a new device for their employee. For this manager, the focus is on ensuring that the chosen device not only meets the organizational requirements but also sets up the employee for success in their role. By keeping these distinct personas in mind, the design process is tailored to address the specific needs and preferences of both the individual professional and the managerial role.




High Fidelity - Home

The homepage features a bold call to action displayed above the fold, followed by distinct product categories for easy shopping. A noteworthy aspect of this project involved bundling certain products, such as the "First Day of Work" bundle. It was essential to present these bundles as cohesive groups instead of individual products.


High Fidelity - Browse Products

To allow users to easily find the product(s) they are looking for, filters are provided on the left to allow filtering of category and brand.


High Fidelity - Product Details

Individual products have a load of information, to make that information more digestible the information is organized by tabs.


High Fidelity - Building a Bundle

Users can choose between bundles, and actually have the option to curate the specific bundle’s products. As products are added to the bundle, the widget on the right shows the itemized products.